Cloud Infrastructure (DevOps) Engineer (sign-on/referral bonus)

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CodeTiburon is looking for a Cloud Infrastructure (DevOps) Engineer to join our team in Kharkiv on a full-time basis.

Projects: UK/Hong Kong-based startup which aims to develop an innovative asset management system.

Project technology stack: Firebase project, Google Cloud Platform services, Elasticsearch engine, TypeScript based Cloud Functions, client-side React SPA

Your skills and qualifications:

  • 2+ years of commercial experience with Google Cloud Platform
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools like Terraform CLI
  • Management of Elasticsearch HA/HS cluster (performance monitoring, optimization of indexes and settings, configuration of data mappings, data replication between several Nodes)
  • Firebase project integration (configuration of Firebase services via Terraform scripts, integration Firebase Cloud Function with main GCP cluster, develop CDN based on GCP services for File Storage)
  • Security management (VPC and private cluster networking, protected interconnection between shared GCP resources, setup IAM roles and policies, firewall configuration, private CDN based on signed cookies)
  • Good level of English

Your key accountabilities and responsibilities will include:

  • Designing, building, deploying, and maintaining the HS/HA cloud infrastructure using GCP
  • Maintain documentation

Nice to have:

  • Experience with price control, payments forecasting (usage of GCP tools and services to analyze current project’s cost, forecasting of potential cost based on results of the monitoring)
  • Experience with InMemoryStore – Redis cluster
  • Known with solutions for monitoring, backups and maintenance of Data storages (deployment backups, periodical backups, rollback workflow)
  • Experience with CI/CD based on GitHub Workflows

What we offer:

  • Professional team
  • Comfortable office in the center of the city or remote work from your home
  • Bike and car parking
  • Paid leaves and holidays
  • Reimbursement for courses, conferences, workshops

If this sounds like you and you have most of the skills and qualifications above please send your CV to