CodeTiburon provides Quality Assurance and Quality Control services as part of development and as a separate service. We know how important it is to make sure that the software works exactly the way it has been designed. Our specialists have profound knowledge of the industry and professional skills.

Being a product-oriented team helps us to stay focused and take care of our customers’ projects like our own. We’re trying to grow industry-based professionals to fit different customer needs. It’s not all about ‘generic’ testers, so our specialists know what they’re doing.

The steps and techniques used at CodeTiburon include Sanity and Smoke testing, followed by Regression and Stress, right to the Acceptance. We try to support our customers’ UAT activities by providing our test cases and flows as part of project deliverables. We try to make sure we’ve done the right thing. Our willingness to listen and advise is an attribute of our working style.

Using our service as a separate addition to your development team will give you the advantage of having an open-minded group to simply make your code work right. We know how to integrate our people in different processes, staying professional and hard working.

Let us know if you need more details about our services. We’ll be glad to help.