We’re proud to present our capability to build end-to-end web applications, just as they should be built. It’s always important to listen carefully, because we know what it means to deliver exactly what was requested. But we also know, that we can help to build solid and reasonable architecture and solutions, delivering even more than you expected.




Our excellence

Outstanding expertise

We work in close cooperation with our clients on their ideas. We are strong in our opinion and even stronger in our execution. We make a special point of giving full attention and thorough insight into what we are designing and developing while guiding our clients throughout the process.

Only best talent

Our company is located in Kharkiv, home of Ukraine’s best universities and developer talents. CodeTiburon has acquired a reputation as a stable and progressive company, which makes it attractive for people to join. Thanks to our solid recruiting experience and the pool of high-level specialists, we bring only the best candidates into our team.

Strong project management

We know that efficiency is crucial for every project's success. With this in mind, we employ experienced project managers, capable and willing to tailor a specific approach for each project, and choose the best fitting methodology and team structure for a project's needs.

Engagement models

Software product development

This service is especially suitable for businesses and individuals that are interested in full-cycle product development. When you have an idea and are seeking a stable business environment for its implementation, this offering will definitely be the best solution.

Dedicated team

We’re building long-term dedicated teams of developers, which can become an integral part of your company while being hosted in our Development center in Ukraine.

Developers on demand

Have a tight deadline? With CodeTiburon, it is easy to get more development resources when you really need them. Now you have no problem hiring more developers or finding a graphic designer or mobile developers. Our delivery manager will get them on board within 8-16 business hours.

Our projects