Linkavie Events

Bringing to life a startup project
Linkavie events
  • Live slideshow projected on a large screen
  • Safe media storage on a private LINKAVIE space
  • Chat to communicate between event participants or event staff
  • Commenting a Live slideshow in real-time
  • Multiple sharing options, safety and privacy
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Automatic pictures synchronization via Wi-Fi/3G/4G


Linkavie Project was initiated in order to provide users with extra safe and easily moderated software for gathering photos on personal and public events and then sharing the best items with friends via the internet. In addition to the web part, it includes producing native mobile apps, for iOS and Android with similar functionality. LINKAVIE SAS was looking for an experienced long-term technological partner who would be responsible for all steps of the software development life cycle: technical specifications creation, user interface design, system development, deployment and further continuous improvement.


CodeTiburon implemented a web-driven community-based platform to unite a family, a group, a team or all company’s employees around personal or enterprise events, projects and business successes. Any of Linkavie users who create an event can set a range of dates when all the people invited will be eligible for sharing their pics. The people invited to the announced event take photos and then sync their albums or just the best pics with the server. Users can also add comments to the uploaded photos. The owner of the event moderates the list of added photos and decides whether or not new comments should be published. The authorization for Linkavie mobile apps is based on a QR-code, a new modern technology that allows for recognizing unique codes using your phone camera. Manual input is allowed as a backup for the cases if your QR code is either damaged or hardly recognizable. Security policy of Linkavie mobile product, both iOS and Android, presupposes automatic removal from mobile storage of all the uploaded photos related to the current Linkavie event after the event expiry. This lets the event’s owner choose only the best pictures and share these with guest users and friends at Linkavie. Both applications have a multi-language feature suggesting English and French for a user’s choice.

Technology stack

PHP and AngularJS are the core technologies selected by CodeTiburon team for the system implementation. Zend Framework 2 was used to build RESTful web services reaching a broad range of clients, including desktop browsers (via Angular models) and mobile devices. This provides for reduced code duplication alongside with the required optimization for mobile devices. Native mobile apps were developed for iOS and Android platforms.


CodeTiburon managed to become not only a technology vendor for the customer, but also a partner, capable of sharing best practices and prioritizing the project’s progress over contractual red tape. Currently, CodeTiburon is carrying out the system maintenance, support and functionality extension.


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