What if WordPress is more than a blogging platform? WordPress for business

wordpress for business website
As an entrepreneur, you know how digital presence enhances your business. But working on a tight budget, with limited programming skills and other resources, it’s a real challenge to go about creating a website. Is it possible at all? It is. And easier than you might think. How? WordPress. Why? Because it’s cheap (sometimes even free), doesn’t require advanced programming expertise, has ample opportunities for business (and there’s a lot more).

20 Potent (Not-too-Top) Secrets to Craft a Killer Landing Page That Converts

20 Potent (Not-too-top) Secrets to Craft a Killer Landing Page That Converts
You’re working 24/7 on your brainchild and put off creating a landing page. A lot of new businesses are like that – there’s no time to waste on silly landing pages. They’ve no resources to spare. But then comes the sweet moment to tell the world about your product. And with it, a host of questions. How to craft a page that converts? How to setup the process? What are the best design and copywriting practices? What to test? Let us spare your precious time and unveil some potent knowledge of creating a powerful landing page.

How to Create an Augmented Reality Experience for Your Business

Imagine how your life would be different if you had timely solutions at your fingertips. Let’s take a traveller’s experience, for instance. Your augmented reality app as your ultimate tour guide – no need for lengthy information search, preliminary bookings or planning your itinerary in advance. Just Go and live in the moment and follow your heart’s appeal. Remember your childhood sensations? The desire of adventure, the excitement of discovery, the magic of make-believe. You travel the streets and the place is no longer alien – it opens up and reveals every hidden nook, tells an enchanting story of every object at which you direct your smartphone’s camera. Sounds like a fairy-tale? Possible. But every artifact and event was once just an idea.
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