Build a Real Estate Listings Site: Hacks, Tips, Shortcuts

Build a real estate listings site hacks, tips, shortcuts
As an entrepreneur researching real estate tech opportunities, you are most likely to run up against such challenges as getting into a highly competitive market; finding a cost-efficient business model; growing a sufficient customer base. No matter how brilliant your ideas may sound, their implementation comes by trial and error. Surprisingly, the real problem lies not in the shortage of the know-how clues but… in their abundance. Want to pivot less? Check the shortcuts in this post.

Mobile App as a Brand Marketing Channel: Benefits and Lifehacks

Mobile app as a brand marketing channel
Today brands are constantly looking for a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors. And the most frequently asked question is: What kind of marketing strategy to use? Mobile apps help automate your business and provide a better customer service, but has it occurred to you they can also be part of a great marketing strategy? Read on to find out how to promote your brand with mobile apps.
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