Five Business Model Patterns for Online Enterprise

Five business model patterns for online enterprise
If you’re reading this, you probably belong to a generation that chooses to write their business plans on a napkin over a friendly coffee chat and implement them overnight. Oops! Another fail? In between the pivoting and desperate quest for the novel, sit quietly and ponder. It’s already there. Just look closely and you’ll see the emerging patterns in the turbulent world of business.

AI in Mobile Apps: How to Make an App like Siri

how to make an app like Siri
Today, everybody knows a girl named Siri and her besties Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant. These artificial intelligence pals have been hanging out in our houses, cars, and phones. The voice assistants are taking the world by storm and there’s nothing we can do but join the party. The generation raised by their side, “The Siri gen”, is our future, and voice assistants are not a new thing for them, but an essential. So, the question “How to make an app like Siri” is everybody’s pain today.

A Chatbot for Business: a Fad or No Joke?

A chatbot for business_a fd or no joke
Chatbots are all the rage. Messaging apps open up as platforms for ‘housing’ them. Human language is deemed ‘the new UI layer’, intelligent agents and digital assistants – the new browsers. And the conversational commerce trend is gaining ground. So, is it for real or just a conspiracy plan of the lucky few?
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