Mobile App as a Brand Marketing Channel: Benefits and Lifehacks

Mobile app as a brand marketing channel
12 minutes
Today brands are constantly looking for a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors. And the most frequently asked question is: What kind of marketing strategy to use? Mobile apps help automate your business and provide a better customer service, but has it occurred to you they can also be part of a great marketing strategy? Read on to find out how to promote your brand with mobile apps.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Excellent App Store Screenshots

How to create screenshots for app store
11 minutes
So you have created an app, and, let’s say, it is perfect. It has been designed and developed by geniuses, and you are dead sure it will do well on an app store. But here’s a catch. Just posting your precious app’s ad won’t be enough for it to actually become a hit. Every good product deserves great marketing. You might be wondering: What is the first step when marketing a mobile app? The answer is KILLER SCREENSHOTS.

Did You Say a ‘Landing Page’?

Did you say 'A landing page'?
15 minutes
When you hear ‘a landing page’ for the first time, your mind runs wild in search of clues: What? Who? Why? When? How? A LANDING PAGE?! Relax! We’ll sate your curiosity. In case you don’t know yet, just keep on reading.