Swarm Team Interaction (STI)

We have designed a revolutionary proprietary process based on Kanban. It is an integral part of implementing the just-in-time (JIT) philosophy which was intended to maximize productivity and reduce idle time.

Key benefits

Real-time updates

You will be able to manage work, set priorities and keep an eye on progress any time by using professional tools designed for these purposes.

Cost Control

You pay only for the work that is actually done. Each task is estimated prior to start and you’ll be able to get an idea of how much time it will take. By contrast with the traditional Dedicated Team model, you don’t have to pay for idle time.

Single point of communication

You don’t have to talk to each team member personally, as you can work directly with the team manager who has enough capabilities to get your work done.

Knowledge base for all your work

Another great benefit is a knowledge base organized for your projects that simplifies knowledge sharing across all team members.

Resources on demand

Have a tight deadline? With STI it is easy to get more development resources when you really need them. Our revolutionary process enables you to get all CodeTiburon’s expertise. Now you have no problem hiring more developers or finding a graphic designer or mobile developers. Your team manager will get them on board within 8-16 business hours.

Worker Empowerment

One of the basic principles of the JIT method is worker empowerment. Since workers are ultimately responsible for product quality, the idea is to empower them to do their job right. Our process empowers software engineers because they are the ones to manage the Kanban cards’ flowing through the system.

Increased Productivity

STI is a work scheduling system that maximizes the productivity of a team by reducing idle time. The tools we use provide tracking and productivity data that helps us to easily identify problem areas. Suppose one team member is severely overworked, while another doesn’t have enough to fill their day. In this instance, a manager will help delegate tasks to other team members with more ‘bandwidth’ (Work-in-Progress limit), alleviating the pressure from the overworked individual and removing the impediment for the entire team.

Increased Efficiency

STI is flexible. There are no prescribed phase durations, and priorities constantly change depending on the most recent information. Another advantage is the focus on continuous delivery. Continuous improvement and iterative cycles are techniques that provide maximum value to the customer, while time-boxed approaches – which entail waiting until the end of a project for customers to provide feedback / request changes – may open the door to higher project costs.

Focus on continuous delivery

In order to achieve high performance declared by STI, we have automated the process of software delivery.