Business Analyst: Roles and Responsibilities in a Scrum Team

Business Analyst in Scrum
8 minutes
There’s no such thing as a Business Analyst in Scrum. So why bother? Can’t we do without this role? What can possibly go wrong? And how can s/he help in our self-contained and self-organizing Scrum team of software developers? These questions are regularly heard nowadays. And they often hurt the experts in question. In this article, we will try to address them.

Prioritization Techniques That Help Build Great Software Products

Product Backlog Prioritization
6 minutes
At last the requirements are gathered, the project is sized and everyone’s restless to get the ball rolling. Now even one optimistic glance at the long list of user stories makes you certain they’re impossible to accomplish within the given time frame. So our next stop is prioritization of the Product Backlog.

A Remote Agile Team of Developers: Where to Start

Remote Agile Team of Developers
11 minutes
You want to expand your software development business, but have second thoughts about hiring locally due to recruiting and staffing costs? Your wish to increase your development capabilities, but your stakeholders press for more cost-efficiency, and your onsite staff already have a lot on their plate? You need to implement cutting-edge technology, but your local talent pool is scarce? You are not alone here.