Agile or Waterfall? Choose the Right Approach to Your Software Project

Agile or Waterfall
7 minutes
Have you found yourself at the crossroads? Tearing between Agile and Waterfall? Caught off-balance by the recent stats showing Agile software projects to be over three times as popular as Waterfall? They also have over three times as many successful outcomes. Does that mean that Waterfall has outstayed its welcome? Our take: that depends. Every particular situation calls for a specific solution. It’s best to take a balanced approach and consider what really matters.

Essential Steps to Improve UX of Your Website

Essential Steps to Improve the UX of Your Website
10 minutes
User experience is extremely important for a website popularity. Are you sure your site’s information architecture, usability, interaction and visual design perform to the full potential? These steps will help you double-check.