Automation and optimization for service efficiency was the rationale behind the itinerary calculator. Responsiveness is a game-changer. Real-time estimates for customers’ requests make your brand a winner. But why not add a bit more value to your business by using an online calculator as a franchise management platform? Building an online bus rental hub and inviting all the service providers to join in on a franchising contract – sounds like business!
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Organizing a football match can be frustrating. Coordinating the effort takes ages and tons of nerves. And then someone opts out at the very last moment and the whole enterprise comes tumbling down. But not with a join-a-game mobile app. Building up a virtual community of football lovers and keeping everyone informed at all times, competing on a global scale – what can be more engaging and stimulating than that! Tap in for ideas on developing a mobile app to get the ball rolling for football lovers.
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Shopping has a therapeutic effect. Want to add more value? What can be more rewarding than the awareness that by purchasing you automatically contribute to a good cause? That’s the mission of the IBuy2Give online platform. Discover how CodeTiburon helped roll up a marketplace and fundraiser platform into one complex solution that benefits all.
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