Space-sharing Mobile App: Just Right for On-the-spot Rentals

Tinder Social + Airbnb = Archigram
Space-sharing mobile app for short-term rentals
  • Geolocation search
  • Countdown timer
  • Group-chat capabilities
  • User profile
  • Video upload feature



A Europe-based client ordered a short-term space-rental mobile application that largely follows the Airbnb business model.

The challenge

The world is getting pricier and whatever space there is, has to be shared wisely. Your home, your office, your recreation space (yard, boat, island) are all the commodities with a sharing potential. That’s the key principle of on-demand economy – share whatever is sharable and benefit from the endless lifetime experiences the internet showers you with. How to coordinate the effort and tell the world of the space availability? Archigram – a mobile app for venue arrangements.

Our software engineers came up with a lean MVP solution for this unique value proposition.


Interactive design

The app follows the interactive architecture of Airbnb and other peer-to-peer economy solutions based on 3 major participants – the host, the guest, and the app as a mediator. The roles break down as follows:

  1. The HOST makes a short video of a space, posts a description and contact information via Archigram app.
  2. The HOST announces the place available, sets the time limit (up to 24 hours) and the housing capacity (number of people). The place availability is controlled via the activation button or automatically.
  3. GUESTS see a list of places available ranked by their proximity to the user. They can view the video and details, and can directly book a chosen place.
  4. Booking the space provides access to chatting options. Booking is made through the Archigram app where a GUEST pays the amount mentioned by the HOST plus commission. The HOST chooses to approve or deny the access.
  5. ARCHIGRAM provides the digital platform for interaction.

Archigram’s competitive advantage

The app’s business model does NOT fully mimic the Airbnb model. There are a few modifications outlined below, which make up Archigram’s unique value proposition:

A different type of space

Airbnb is about short-term home rentals, which is great for budget travelers. Archigram offers rentals for various purposes like working, learning, training, partying, or other venues (not quite a housing option) so it’s not limited to traveling instances.

Geolocalized: proximity is key

Contrary to travel apps, the space that Archigram’s users care for should be within 30 km radius. And that’s a winning feature. ‘Near me’ search queries have doubled over the past years, satisfying the ‘I-want-to-go’ mode of user interaction.

‘Locked’ in real time

A shared place can be available 4h from when the announcement is activated.

Group-chat capability

An important feature of the app is a messenger – allowing the parties to discuss options and details. This is where the app is somewhat similar to Tinder Social.

Payment gate (would-be feature)

Since space can be rented collectively, booking becomes a necessary gate for each participant to be able to join in the chat. A person hosting the event also has an authority to include or exclude people from the chat.

Special features

  • Visual cues (animated button and arrow) to prompt interaction
  • Geolocation search
  • Payment gate for the space access and community interaction
  • Listings of ‘spaces’ and description forms
  • Messaging capability
  • ‘Activate’ button
  • Countdown timer
  • User profile


CodeTiburon recommended an MVP to test and derisk the business model. It was successfully implemented and is being tested presently.


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