Best Machine Learning Applications: Examples of Apps For Your Ideas

Best machine learning application ideas for mobile apps
13 minutes
Needless to say, today’s app market is crowded and the demand for mobile app development is high. For the same reason, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. The truth is, with good marketing, you can get a user to download your app. But would they actually use it? That is the question worth pondering on. How can you make people stick with your mobile app?

The Ultimate Guide to Machine Learning in Mobile Apps

Machine learning for mobile apps
12 minutes
Today machine learning and artificial intelligence are everywhere. These modern technology trends are taking the world by storm. Mobile application development is the niche that can also benefit from using machine learning. You might be wondering: But what exactly is machine learning and how can I use it in my mobile app?

How to Create Real Estate WebSite with Listing: Our Advice

Build a real estate listings site hacks, tips, shortcuts
21 minutes
As an entrepreneur researching real estate tech opportunities, you are most likely to run up against such challenges as getting into a highly competitive market; finding a cost-efficient business model; growing a sufficient customer base. No matter how brilliant your ideas may sound, their implementation comes by trial and error. Surprisingly, the real problem lies not in the shortage of the know-how clues but… in their abundance. Want to pivot less? Check the shortcuts in this post.