Build a Real Estate Listings Site: Hacks, Tips, Shortcuts

Build a real estate listings site hacks, tips, shortcuts
19 minutes
As an entrepreneur researching real estate tech opportunities, you are most likely to run up against such challenges as getting into a highly competitive market; finding a cost-efficient business model; growing a sufficient customer base. No matter how brilliant your ideas may sound, their implementation comes by trial and error. Surprisingly, the real problem lies not in the shortage of the know-how clues but… in their abundance. Want to pivot less? Check the shortcuts in this post.

Building a Great Real Estate Website – Cracking the Code of Success

building a real estate website - cracking the code of success
22 minutes
Business success is deeply rooted in a customer’s lifestyle, pains, and habits. A couple decades back, homebuyers used to brush through newspaper ads in search of a realtor or agency. Ten years ago they looked for a home on Craigslist, ‘googled’ its whereabouts, jumped in their car and visited the location. Today they simply take their smartphones and handle the rest on-the-go. Tomorrow… Will they even need to go anywhere tomorrow to close a deal? To renovate? Design? Furnish the place? Or will they simply oversee the whole process through their hololens / smartphone camera / whatever-gizmo-is-to-come-next?