Did You Say a ‘Landing Page’?

Did you say 'A landing page'?
15 minutes
When you hear ‘a landing page’ for the first time, your mind runs wild in search of clues: What? Who? Why? When? How? A LANDING PAGE?! Relax! We’ll sate your curiosity. In case you don’t know yet, just keep on reading.

How to Build an App like Airbnb – the Lean Way

How to build an app like airbnb the lean way
19 minutes
On-demand economy has changed the way people perceive many things today, including travel and hospitality. That’s one of the reasons why companies like Airbnb get billion-dollar valuations in less than five years, while their business models and services are widely adopted across industries. In this article, we will provide shortcuts to building an app like Airbnb and discuss development options.

Earned Value Management (EVM) for Agile Software Projects

Earned Value Management for Agile Software Projects
11 minutes
Agile software projects deliver business value by embracing change. Whatever business gains, this puts extra responsibility on project management. How to control resources in forever evolving conditions? How to ensure clarity and precision of cost calculations? On the other hand, every stakeholder wants to know whether the project will be on time/within budget. Uncertainty about using Agile is still strong since Scrum methodology doesn’t provide guidelines on cost and schedule control.